May 31, 2020

We hope you're staying healthy and safe during these crazy times. We started UpGift to help people have more fun real-world experiences, and we're grateful we've been able to do this for so many of our customers.

Like many experience-based businesses, COVID-19 has been very challenging for us. Earlier this month, we reached the difficult decision that we'll need to shutdown UpGift at the end of May.

We've taken care to do this in a safe way. To protect user's privacy, we've erased all personal info from the site.

UpGift has never stored customer funds - we've always just connected gift givers and receivers directly via Venmo or Stripe. If a gift wasn't received, then in all cases, the gift giver still has the funds. And to be extra safe as we shutdown, we stopped accepting any new gifts earlier this month.

If you have any questions, please email us at Our staff has taken on other work, so please allow up to a week for a reply.

Thank you so much for your support. We're grateful for the opportunity we've had to serve you. And when the world wakes up again, we wish you many wonderful experiences.

All the best,
The UpGift Team